Stock PHOTO collaboration with Diego Martin Photo
What fun that you want to be part of a stock photo collaboration with me. Below is information about stock photos in general and how I work with this more specifically.
What are stock photos?
Stock photos are photographs and videos licensed for specific uses (such as sports, work, lifestyle, family, travel, food, medicine, etc.) The licenses are usually sold by an image agency. I produce on a variety of stock photo platforms such as Shutterstock, Adobe stock, Alamy, Getty Images and more. The licenses are purchased via these platforms by companies around the world who then use the images in their marketing.
What are the requirements?
1) No clothing or other objects visible in the shoot have any visible logo. If you have suitable clothes, etc. but with a logo, please inform me about that before the photo day. Same thing if you have a visible tattoo, check with me first and I can evaluate it.
2) All models in the pictures must sign a model release the day of the shoot (model contract). A model release is required for me to be able to forward the images from a photoshoot to the stock agencies. This is so that they will know that they can legally resell the images without objections from the models on the image.
3) All private properties in the picture (apartments, houses, art work, etc.) must also sign a release signed by the owner / creator.
What can I use the images as a model or property for?
You are free to use the images freely in your own business and on your social platforms. You are not allow to give or transfer the images to a third party.
What I win as a company - model?
The main thing is financial savings. Since we are talking about an average of 3600kr for 1 hour photo session with about 10 final photos. With the exchange it would be a cost of 0kr for you and all the selected photos.
How many photos do I receive?
A selection of the best photos will be made by the photographer and all will be sent via email where they can be downloaded.
It is a photo shoot where both parties win. The job of exchanging photos is that I do a photo session without charging and in exchange for allowing me to use the photos taken, in this way you save the cost of a professional photo session of about 3600kr on average and I can use the photos as a commercial portfolio in the stock photo agencies that I work with.
What am I looking for?
I am looking for all kinds of different people and properties who are interested in having nice images for their own business and spend a good time in a photoshoot, no experience is required. I am interested in all kinds of themes such as sports, work, lifestyle, family, travel, food, medicine, etc.